Best VPS / Hosting Provider for Founders, Startups & Small Businesses in 2022

Picking which VPS, Hosting, or infrastructure provider you should use as a bootstrapping founder, or even small company not wanting to spend all your budget on a couple of servers, it’s hard to find the best.
But I think I have found the best all round hosting, VPS and server provider that can beat AWS.

What is Compound Interest? The Power of Compounding with Investing

What is Compound Interest? The Power of Compounding with Investing is something that everyone investing should know about.

I try and break down the power of compounding when it comes to investing in stocks as well and everything you do in life.

Time is so important when it comes to compounding interest, which you can see in this video, but any questions you have drop me a comment below.

Earn Money Doing Bing Searches with Bing Rewards

Earn Money Doing Bing Searches with Bing Rewards?

It appears Microsoft pays you to use Bing to search for things.

But really, how much money can you make and is it worth it as a making money online method?

Microsoft rewards, or I should say microsoft bing search rewards… allow you to earn money online when making searches.

I wanted to look at this and see if it really makes sense for you to do these and whether it was easy, quick and worth your time.

How much money can be made on bing rewards?

Well, watch the video and find out. Go to to sign up if you so choose to.

Alternative Investments in 2022? Invest in Superars with MotaFund

Can you make money investing in cars? Are cars a good investment?

Well, when it comes to alternative investments in 2022 I have covered many of them and now investing in cars is another I am bringing you. Investing can be hard to get your head around and even harder with not as much capital as some investments require.

Easy Way to Earn BTC – Earn Bitcoin Walking With sMiles

Can you earn bitcoin walking with sMiles? Yes. Yes you can. The smiles bitcoin app is very simple to use and pays you in btc just for walking and doing other activities such as shopping or even playing chess.
Yes, you can earn bitcoin playing games.

The most peak 2022 thing ever.

Invest in Wine with Vint

How you ever considered investing in wine, but thought those sorts of investments were reserved for those with deep pockets of money?

Well look no further, because wine investing has just been made so much easier for wine lovers looking for an alternative investment in wine without the mega money upfront.
If you want to know how to invest in wine, then vint is for you.

Top 5 Alternative Investments for 2022

What are your top 5 alternative investments for 2022? Let’s face it, the stock market has been a ride so far this year. This is why I split out my investments across different alternative investments to hedge against the stock market and diversify my portfolio some.

eBay buys NFT Marketplace KnownOrigin

Ebay buys NFT marketplace knownorigin! This is big news for the crypto space and the NFT space when a monster like eBay decides to purchase an entereum nft marketplace like this.

What do you think this will mean for eBay and what do you think this will mean for the NFT and crypto space?

Top 5 Dividend Growth Stocks for 2022

Everyone loves some passive income with dividends and last video I showed you my top dividend stocks that were REITs but now we look at my top 5 dividend growth stocks for 2022.

Not only do these growth stocks show some great historic growth over the years, but their dividends have all increased and grown over time nicely too.

Have a look at my 5 top dividend stocks in this video and I’d love to hear what you think are your top, go to dividend stocks for 2022 in the comments below.