What is a REIT for Beginners

If you’ve not heard of REIT, this will hopefully be something that’s useful to you. 

A Real Estate Investment Trust is another vehicle, like an ETF, but this is made up of properties, not companies. 

Another great investment in a down market, as you have properties and not just stock. The prices of REITs tend to be favorable as they are backed by assets and another great thing about a REIT is, 90% or more of the profits from them has to be distributed to share holders. This means, through dividends, you’ll get a monthly return back from your investments. 



I have a mix of things in my portfolio, including some REITs and they have outperformed stocks through the whole start of 2022. 

If you’d like to know where I have invested when it comes to REITs drop me a comment or tweet me @randomshenans and I’ll be happy to share!