Some Of You Need To Learn What Dollar Cost Averaging Is...

Ola you crazy bastards. 

It’s May 2022 and holy shit the markets have shit the bed, but it was to be expected, or at least it was something I was prepared for. Did I sell? No, I didn’t actually. I didn’t sell a thing and I won’t be selling anything. 


Because selling in a down market is a crazy ass thing to do. None of the companies that I have bought stocks in were for the short term. Which means that they short term price is not something I worry about. In fact, it’s a great time to reduce the price you bought those shares at. 

Dollar cost averaging is THE best way to increase your share holding and reduce your entry price per share. 

Check out the video below on dollar cost averaging and how I explain it… with beer.


Now, don’t panic people. If you’re investing, it should be for the long term rather than unrealistic 3000% daily gains that are just stupid. Build your wealth over time. If you have enjoyed this video and got something out of it, share it with someone who needs to see this shit. 

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