How to find the best Remote Jobs in 2022

It’s 2022. If you’ve just awoken from a 3 year coma and wondering what the fuck has been going on the last few years, get ready for some truly mind blowing information. 

If you haven’t been in such a coma, you’re well aware of everything that went down, including a large portion of the world having to work remotely. 

Prior to the last couple of years, working remotely was something that people potentially did once a week. If you were lucky…. 

However, in light of the fact that we all worked from home and businesses indeed did not collapse, it’s led to a large amount of pushback from employees. 

If a job does not have the option to at least be hybrid (in the office and at home), they are really struggling to find candidates for the jobs. 

In fact, one of the most popular job boards on the internet now has over 297,000 remote jobs as of today… 

But if you want to find a remote job, what does it take? 


This does very much depend on the sector you work in. Obviously not every single job in the world is possible to be done remotely, but those that are, I’ll give some good resources to check out for those remote jobs. 

1. One of the most popular job boards on the internet and one of the most populated as well. You can see in the image above, there is now an option in the location field to use “remote” as an option, as well as in the filtering. This has nearly 300 THOUSAND remote jobs listed. 

2. Linkedin Another popular site for more corporate roles, but in the same way Indeed added an option to search for remote only jobs, so have Linkedin. One thing to note about doing this. Maximize your potential remote salary by picking a country with a higher salary and then selecting remote. 

The next selection are probably more in my area: product, software etc. but if you’re in that space, there are some real gems in here. 

3. We Work Remotely is a really great site, with a whole variety of jobs listed. Each tends to have a really well written and thought out job description in there. You can search for 100% remote or hybrid roles. You can see below from the job description the effort that is taken to really explain about the company and role. Something that feels a lot more well thought out and personal than the adverts you see churned out on Linkedin. 



4. Work In Startups is one I recently found. It has some really great roles and while it’s not strictly for remote jobs, as per the link I have provided, it can be filtered for some really interesting results. What’s more, they’re all positions in startups, which could well be your bag, or it might fill you with a sense of pure fear. Either way, it was a great one to add as it has some really interesting jobs. 




5. Remote OK I mean, does the name not say it all? Yes, Remote OK is strictly for remote jobs and has a plethora of options on the site as well. It has some really neat filters, so you can look for just the right job for you and has an impressive number of different companies with roles on the site. 

You can set notifications and setup your profile on the site for employers to find you as well. 

Remote OK is probably the most tuned site to the search for a remote job. While the other allow you to search for those types of roles, remote OK is really setup well for this. 

This leads me to also believe that the companies hiring through here would be more likely to support you best in that remote world. Like I said, my assumption anyway! 




While this is certainly not a complete list of all ways to find remote jobs on the internet, it’s a great cross section of great sites that should get you started on your search for something truly remote. 

I’d love to hear more sites that you guys have used, recommend and love. Drop me a tweet @randomshenans and good luck on your hunt for that next role that doesn’t tie you to an office desk.