I Tested People's Apps & Websites for a Week & Made...??

I love building products. I work in product management and have a couple of “side hustles” or startups I run, so I love building things. I actually really love all things about product. 

Sad, maybe. But hey. 

I wanted to show my kids as well, that you could make money online doing some really random things. One of which was testing people’s apps and websites and providing feedback.

I set myself up on a few websites to see how much I could bring in in just a week. 

Watch the video to find out how I did.


Since this video, I carried on for the month to see how it would scale and earned $200 in the month. Not a huge amount, but at the same time, it took a very small amount of my time and as a bit of extra money coming in? It’s really quite good. 

I sadly got really into it and really enjoy providing feedback on these things. 

I won’t lie… I still try and pick up tests now. Not for the money, but because I really sadly enjoy providing user feedback to people building products and prototypes. 

What other ways do you know you can make money doing strange (not that strange) things online? Tweet me @randomshenans and let me know!