The emergence of crowdlending platforms has proven to be a game-changer for businesses seeking flexible and transparent financing solutions. At the forefront of this wave is Maclear AG, a Swiss-based platform aiming to revolutionize the way SMEs connect with investors. Let’s delve deeper into the inception, vision, and unique offerings of Maclear AG.

Origins: A Visionary Duo

In the aftermath of the 2019 pandemic, the financial world grappled with uncertainty. Traditional banking became more conservative, and SMEs found it increasingly challenging to secure financing. Recognizing this gap, a duo with vast experience in business consulting, banking, and foreign trade, embarked on a mission. The goal? Establish a crowdlending platform that breaks the barriers of conventional banking.

Swiss Precision: Why Switzerland was the Perfect Fit

Switzerland’s reputation as a global financial hub isn’t just about chocolates and luxury watches. The nation is known for:

An Attractive Proposition: Stellar Returns and Cash Back

For discerning investors, Maclear AG offers more than just the promise of a stable platform. With returns as high as 14.8% and a tempting 1.5% cash back option, the platform provides a unique blend of security and profitability. This lucrative proposition underlines the platform’s commitment to providing value to its investor community.

Estonian Projects: A Strategic Start

One might wonder, why start with Estonian projects? The strategy is clear: Maclear AG focuses on real sector businesses, from production to retail, that promise sustainable performance. By leveraging personal business connections in Estonia, the platform ensures rigorous checks, thereby bolstering investor confidence.

Platform’s Uniqueness: Beyond Just a P2P Platform

Beyond its strategic approach to project selection, Maclear AG boasts a unique IT infrastructure. With built-in risk assessment tools and an adaptable interface, the platform stands out in the crowded crowdlending space. Furthermore, as a nod to future-proofing and evolving with investor needs, Maclear AG is eyeing the introduction of a secondary market by 2023.

A Rich Legacy: Maclear AG’s Evolution

While the crowdlending vision was conceived post-2019, Maclear AG’s roots trace back to 2010. Initially focusing on developing GRC software solutions, the company underwent a transformation, pivoting to the P2P lending realm. This transition wasn’t merely a change in direction but a leap towards addressing a larger financial gap in the market.

Commitment to Transparency: The Audit Trail

In an industry where transparency is paramount, Maclear AG doesn’t shy away from stringent audits. From AML audits by renowned entities like Grant Thornton to regular financial check-ups by BlueAUDIT GmbH, the platform’s commitment to accountability is unwavering.

Maclear AG isn’t just another crowdlending platform. It’s a vision, a commitment, and a bridge between SMEs and investors seeking transparency, reliability, and growth. As the financial landscape evolves, platforms like Maclear AG will undoubtedly lead the charge.

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