PayPal Releases Crypto Withdrawals to US

BIG NEWS from PayPal when it comes to all things Crypto! 

PayPal has allowed you to buy and spend crypto via their app for about 2 years, but questions on whether you actually owned that crypto was always called out; did you have a wallet? Was the crypto purchased? 

Now, PayPal has released in the US the ability to withdraw your crypto to external exchanges and wallets!

Big stuff. 

This is being rolled out to the US in the next couple of weeks (Jun 2022) and rest of the world? We’re still waiting to hear when we’ll get it next. 

Not that it’ll make me want to use PayPal for crypto, but for some it might help as a way to purchase and get fiat in and out of exchanges.  

Drop me a tweet @randomshenans if you want. If you don’t, don’t. Just do what you like, mate.