Top Affiliate Programs for Beginners 2022

If you’re on this page, you already know what affiliate marketing is. You’re literally looking to join some programs that are useful to help you link to things in your content in an attempt to further monetize your content. Correct? 

Even so, you might have heard of affiliate programs and the Amazon Associate is probably the biggest one you know. And while it is pretty massive. I mean, Amazon would probably sell your mum if you let them. The rates are pretty teeny on what they offer. 

I have put together a list of affiliates that anyone can join and give access to hundreds of companies and start to build your linked content out.



1. Amazon Associates – Like I said, you’ve probably already heard of this, but if you’re very new you can  sign up to Amazon and link to anything that they sell on the site and earn some returns through their site. While rates are lower, you can link to anything on their site, so it does open it to literally anything that they stock, it doesn’t even have to be sold by amazon. 

2. Impact – This is a great affiliate program that has some mega programs and companies listed on it. You name it, Impact has it on there. It’s massive. It is much harder to get on the programs compared to some of the others on the list. The acceptance rate of the programs on the site is lower, but you have to just have a good audience or channel matching their needs and you’ll be fine. 

3. Shareasale – Share a sale has some great products on it. Unlike the likes of impact, it tends to be less well known products or services, but offering some great rates on there and a real selection of different sectors and products, it’s well worth joining to see what they have on there. 

4. Awin – This site is actually a part of shareasale. Or, I should say, vice versa. I believe Awin bought shareasale, but by the by. You should definitely join Awin as it has some amazing companies on there from Fiverr to Nike. This is one of the programs I like the most. You’ll definitely find something on here you’ll love. 



5. DCM Network – There are some great offers on here, if you can find them. The UI is a biiiit… shit. Let’s put it that way, but there have actually got some decent content on there if you put in the legwork to try and actually work out WTF is going on on there. 


6. ClickBank – This is at the bottom as it’s not actually one I use but I hear a lot about it. It’s one that regularly gets posted on youtube of people making $**** a month using it, so it can’t be bad, but as I said, I like to talk about things I’ve used myself and this one I have not, but due to it’s popularity online, I could not not include it somewhere. 



7. Direct to App/ Site – This is one I use quite a bit. I have worked with companies directly and not through a program. They tend to be smaller, or they might just have a program linked to their own website or app, but these can be really great programs with decent returns. 

There are affiliate programs that pay between $20-250 per successful new user (with some T&Cs of course) which is utter madness. You’d be surprised on which companies actually do offer affiliate programs as well. Even if they don’t, it’s worth dropping them an email and asking them if they do. You might just get lucky and they’ll create something just for you. I have had this happen, too. 

Hope you found this list useful. If you have any questions drop me a tweet @randomshenans and I’d love to chat more to you there.