What's the "PERFECT" Bank for Frequent Travelers & Nomads?

I live in France. I do work in Switzerland. I am from England. I travel. All of this means that currencies are constantly changing and the cost of spending money used to be absolutely crazy for me. 

I’m not kidding either. It used to cost me over 400 a month in fees, charges, fx and transfers… just to use my money in different currencies. 

No wonder the challenger banks are doing so well, this was madness and I’m glad I jumped on board too. 

For a while now I’ve used Revolut as my main bank account. I still have a French bank, because certain payments MUST come from one (thanks France) but now I simply move money over there to cover those and don’t think anymore about it. 

Check out the video below on why I value Revolut so much for my circumstances. It’s perfect for my needs, and sure it has other features that are damn handy, too. 

I’m sure your mate Dave has a better solution that you’d recommend, but hey, like I said. This is real money back in my pocket every single month and it has made a huge difference not just to my money, but to my stress as well. No longer am I waiting 24hrs for transfers, or having to email and call to get things done. It’s simple. All controlled by me and daves me a massive chunk of cash in the process. Why wouldn’t I use it? 

If you travel frequently and don’t use revolut, check it out today using this link: https://revolut.com/referral/rosscalj!MAY1-22-AR 

Drop me a tweet @randomshenans if you want. If you don’t, don’t. Just do what you like, mate.